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Transforming Challenges into Business Growth

A survey was conducted on fifteen senior executives to identify the most relevant challenges that corporations are facing today. The main issues recognized include: Increased unpredictability and complexity Increased speed of change Shrinking profits and/or market share or lack of growth Decreased

De Kracht van NU

Ja,  ik weet het! …. dit is niet state of the art, vers van de pers, nieuwste van het nieuwste … maar is het niet goed om zo nu en dan herinnerd worden aan eenvoudige leven waarheden? Bekijk deze korte en grappige

Scientific Breakthrough Could Lead to Preventive Therapies for Stress

A recent cutting-edge study shows a significant association between chemical structure of brain and acute psychological health issues. As per a group of scientists at the School of Leicester in the UK, neuropsin, a brain enzyme in human brains promotes

How You Can Boost Your Brain’s Willpower with a Simple Working Memory Exercise By Adam Dachis

Some say your willpower is limited and others believe it is as strong as you think it is. Regardless of how much you have, it turns out that you may be able to boost it with a simple brain training exercise. It all

Making “The Right” Decision

At one point or another everyone has had their share of poor choices and bad decisions. Anyone claiming the opposite is either lying or simply or compulsively avoiding making decisions. As someone who spends quite some time with “Decision Makers”,

Are You a Manager or a Leader?

There is considerable discussion about the differences and similitude between Management and Leadership roles. Whether good Managers can be good Leaders and whether great Leaders are born or is it a quality that can be developed with the right training. Regardless of