Making “The Right” Decision

Posted On: June 11, 2022

Making “The Right” Decision

At one point or another everyone has had their share of poor choices and bad decisions. Anyone claiming the opposite is either lying or simply or compulsively avoiding making decisions.

As someone who spends quite some time with “Decision Makers”, I can assure you that when it comes to the ability of making decisions most leaders are not natural talents; they need to work hard and in a structured manner to develop the set of qualities that enable consistent efficient decision making.

Nothing will challenge your “Forerunner’s nerve” more than your efforts to make good decisions. The way to the “Top” is paved with the ability of proper decision making and the slide back down is often made out of that “one bad decision”. Nothing will challenge your “Forerunner’s nerve” more intensively than you efforts to make good choices!

The intricacy of the business landscape today, the increasing expectations of performance, and the speed at which decisions must be made, make a mad recipe for bad decisions. This is exactly why having a proper framework for decision making, access to the correct information and counsel in combination with a healthy, efficient and highly analytic mind are essential ingredients for successful decision making!

Key elements of the “good” decision making process:

  • Processing the overwhelming amount of incoming information.
  • Understanding the hierarchy of information.
  • Seeking the right counsel.
  • Using metrics and a decision making framework.
  • Taking care of your mental and physical health: This may very well be the most crucial aspect of all. Your decision making process is as efficient as your capacity to interpret, discern, analyze and make assessments. Enough exercise, the right foods, time and space for relaxation are essential ensure you stay at the top of your game; Maintaining a stable high-level performance curve ensures you making the right decision at the right time!

Good luck with your choices today! even though we know luck has little to do with it Inspiration and sources