Why does Hypnotherapy work?


Hypnotherapy works by allowing us to let go of our limiting beliefs of the world. During the sessions, our restrictive conceptual framework of the world changes, allowing us to perceive reality in a different way.

Example: You are afraid of mice (this is a restrictive frame of mind, because mice are not dangerous) If you see a little mouse, then there is fear. This fear is due to the conceptual framework “mice are scary I’m afraid of mice”, as soon as this conceptual framework is gone, the fear is gone too.

Changing our conceptual frameworks is easiest in a hypnotic trance because in that state your logical critic mind is temporarily relinquished to the background and you have access to all your innate resources.

Therefore, efficacy of other therapies / techniques is enhanced when combined with hypnotherapy. The effectiveness of hypnosis is directly related to your motivation. After all, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A hypnotherapist can only guide the therapeutic process.