Private Clients Fees

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All sessions must be paid before they start.

The price of the session covers:

  • The treatment
  • Preparation
  • Audio/video materials (exclusively in segments of 5 or more sessions).


Sessions may be cancelled free of charge 48 hours (two business days) in advance. Sessions cancelled after that will be charged in full.

Stopping with treatment:

Naturally, you can decide to stop treatment at any time. However, in order to avoid costs, you must inform the therapist about your decision within the notice period of 48 hours (two business days) before the next session.

Pre-Paid discounted packages/promotions

Prepaid programs must take place within 12 months of purchase.

Unused sessions purchased with a prepaid discounted program are not refundable. For more information on stopping treatment see our terms and conditions on this site.


• Most health insurance companies will reimburse all or part of your Hypnotherapy treatment (see supplemental insurance, Section: Alternative Medicine) Check with your insurance provider for coverage conditions. Visit the websites of the NBVH and the RBCZ for a list of insurers that recognized these memberships.

• In some instances it is possible that the cost of therapy (total or partial) be reimbursed by your health Insurance, Tax Services, UWV, etc. Contact the relevant authorities.

Enquiries per email or telephone:

Will be billed a 125 euro per therapy hour. (minimum 15 euros).

Sessions on weekdays after 18:00

For these sessions there will be a surcharge of 25% of the total price.

Sessions longer than 60 minutes

Unless otherwise agreed, this session will be billed pro rata based on the relevant “60 minute price”

Changes in Dutch healthcare:

For important changes in Dutch health care in 2022 click here.

HYPNOTHERAPY: International SKYPE clients please contact me for pricing and payment instructions

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