Hypnotherapy is a short-term form of psychotherapy that leverages hypnotic trance in conjunction with techniques such as NLP, EMDR, RET, imagery, autogenic training, etc. for therapeutic purposes. Under our expert guidance you will understand and control your unconscious processes and reactions.

As a result of hypnotherapy, your body’s own healing processes can be stimulated; you can learn to cope well with your emotions and use of other physical and mental abilities more efficiently. You are better able to achieve your goals and mental or physical healing.

Hypnotherapy has many advantages, some examples are:

Works relatively quickly and the results are sustainable

It is short term because, unlike traditional psychotherapy, often positive results are achieved very soon

Results are endogenous and sustainable:

an important advantage is that there are no medications or other external factors involved. Scientific studies show that the results obtained with hypnotherapy are more stable and durable than those obtained with other therapies without the addition of hypnosis

Complementary to other forms of therapy:

Hypnotherapy is a standalone therapy form. Nonetheless, the efficacy of other therapies is often enhanced when combined with hypnotherapy. Examples include the combination of hypnotherapy and Neurofeedback training to improve concentration or the combination of Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavior Therapy for weight management.