Hypnotherapy contraindicactions


Defining contraindications to hypnotherapy is not easy. In literature we find several attempts which represent more the experiences of the authors than the results of formal research.

If we are to name limitations for the use of hypnosis, we could state that clients with the following characteristics are not ideal for treatment: chronic psychosis, hysterical personality structure, intense anxiety, strong erotic dependence, severe psychopathy, severe narcissistic personality, severe depression with suicidal tendency, very unstable clients (major mood swings)

Hypnotic trance is a natural state of body and mind. It is a state of concentrated attention often associated with an experience of relaxation. To ensure a proper application of these method clients should make sure that their hypnotherapist meets certain minimum requirements.

Such as:

  • The hypnotherapist has adequate command of hypnotherapy techniques.
  • The hypnotherapist meets the training requirements and peer.
  • The hypnotherapist is willing and able to work with other healthcare profesionals.
  • The hypnotherapist is willing and able to provide adequate aftercare.
  • The hypnotherapist is able to manage his/her own emotional / mental state.
  • The hypnotherapist is to care for the emotional / mental condition of clients.