Hypnotherapy applications

Hypnotherapy applications

With the help of Hypnotherapy you can get more control over your behavior, your life and achievements. You can resolve emotional, physical and psychosomatic problems as well as improve your efficiency and performance at work, sports or other situations. The applications of hypnosis can be divided into three main groups:

Develop or improve the skills and qualities

such as communication skills, self-confidence, professional or sports performance, decision-making process and discovery / development of the ability to relax.

Improve the effectiveness of other therapies

Hypnotherapy significantly shortens treatment and the results of therapy are more sustainable: a good example is the combination of Hypnotherapy and Neurofeedback training.

Restores physical and mental health

Fears, phobias (i.e.fear of failure), addictions, stress and burnout related conditions, stomach and intestinal problems, skin disorders, autoimmune system disorders, pain in neck and shoulder , RSI, strengthening the immune system (infections, allergies) depression.